Best Price Guarantee at Impact Hosting & Design Group (IHDG).
A reliable web host is a must for all websites and blogs, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

We guarantee the best price and the best customer service.


Problem #1: Unnecessary software charges.
Some hosting companies make money by recommending additional add-ons and software to their customers. Some will even force their customers to subscribe on free software trials upon signup.

Problem #2: Rushed servers / Low Uptime.
If a hosting company keeps getting complains on server outages and slow network speeds, high chances are that web host is running on some rushed servers.

Problem #3: Hidden cancellation fees.
Avoid any cheap web host that charges unreasonable cancellation fees. The web host may charge for the domain registration (which may goes up to a one-time $45 fee) and SSL certificate fees; but anything more than that is a no-go.

Do not go with those with fishy cancellation policy no matter how cheap they are.

Problem #4: Limited MySQL databases.
To save cost on CPU power, some web hosts will limit the usages of MySQL databases.

Problem #5: Expensive renewal fees.
Renewal price for cheap hosting plans are normally higher than signup price. Stick with web hosts that offer acceptable renewal rates. Impact Hosting & Design Group (IHDG) allows customers to lock in at low renewal price upon signup.

The Impact Hosting & Design Group difference? We give you the following add-ons for FREE!
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Conversion Driven Web Design (included with website package)
Industry proven conversion driven website design that you can count on! Our tried and true conversion based website design strategy has helped countless other companies turn website visitors into clients, in turn growing their business and increasing revenue.
Conversion Driven Web Design
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Multi-Device Responsive Design (included with website package)
We offer the perfect responsive multi-device solutions for your company so that your website will seamlessly adapt and look amazing across all mobile devices and platforms.
Multi-Device Responsive Design
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High Level Social Media Integration (included with website package)
We fully believe social media should be an integral part of any new website and we are fully behind maximizing your business by integrating Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ meta data into the code of your website for mass social media sharing and recognition.
High Level Social Media Integration
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If you want to grow your business online, Impact Hosting Design Group (IHDG) can help.

We're an expert Internet marketing company with a track record of success. We treat our clients as partners and provide full service internet marketing strategies so they can get back to focusing on their day to day business. We promise to listen to your needs, offer relevant solutions, promptly respond to all your questions, and provide you with a website and a comprehensive online marketing campaign that will make you proud.

1.  Strategy is the threshold which we pass through to a successful project. Our digital strategy phase is a time in which we come to know your organization, your team and your unique project needs in vivid detail.

We will develop a website architecture document as a part of this process that breaks down how each and every page of your website will function.

Our main objective during digital strategy is to obtain a complete understanding of your organization, your project needs, your website's functionality, and your design requirements.

Once we have captured all of the necessary information our team will make engineering recommendations that break down the technologies and languages we will use on your new website.

2.  One of the core values of Impact Hosting & Design Group (IHDG) is that our clients will be blessed and prosper long after their website is complete. During the internet marketing phase, this is our opportunity to help make that happen.

During this phase, we will meet with your team and discuss the future vision of your organization, and what direction you see the company heading. We will then make recommendations based upon our years of experience in the industry on how we feel you can achieve those goals.

From ranking at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha, IxQuick, Norton, TDS, and, using organic search engine optimization techniques, to publishing articles for your company on Forbes - we can make your vision a reality.

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Local Listings is a highly effective way to bring local customers to your business.
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A logo should be integral and fit the image of your company to make a good first impression.
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Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates. Improve Conversion Rates and Customer Confidence w/ Green Bar Assurance.
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